The village of MACKMYRA is located in the Swedish province of Gästrikland, 200km from Stockholm. The place was chosen to set up a distillery because there is a very pure water source, fed by the Valboasen Mountains. This precious liquid is filtered by a thick layer of sand which gives it unique qualities. Moreover, the choice of the location for a distillery may also be due to the fact that its name "sounds" a bit Scottish. The translation which means "Mosquito swamp" is certainly not lacking in bite!

The MACKMYRA distillery is the result of the dream of four couples of friends to spend their holidays in a mountain chalet. It was the very first Swedish distillery to produce whisky: it opened its doors in 1999. It uses Swedish barley for the production of its single malts. Part of this barley is malted by MACKMYRA who "creates" its own peat using local peat which is "seasoned" with juniper wood in order to produce a "house signature". Angela d'Orazio, MACKMYRA's "Master Blender", supervises all production operations including ageing in the various wineries. MACKMYRA carries out a lot of research on maturation by working on different types of barrels: ex-Bourbon, ex-Sherry, French or Swedish oak but also barrels of traditional Swedish wines such as cranberry wine, blueberry wine or birch wine! The distillery also uses new Swedish oak barrels from a forest more than a hundred years old. Some of these casks are stored 50 meters underground in the former iron mine of "Bodäs" (formerly operated by Sandvik) which has been converted into an unusual warehouse.

In 2011, the construction of the new MACKMYRA GRAVITY distillery will start: this new production unit was designed to use gravity: it is a vertical unit of 8 floors, made of glass and steel. With a total height of 37 meters, this distillery is certainly the highest in the world! Since April 2013, the entire production is carried out on this site.

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