1. What are the opening hours of your shop?


The shop is open Wednesday till Friday from 2pm till 7pm and Saturdays 10am to 7pm. All other moments are possible on request via shop@wearewhisky.com or 0471134556


2. Do you ship to USA?


We are not allowed to ship alcohol to United States. If you want to purchase other non-alcoholic articles in our e-shop, please take a contact with us first so we can calculate the shipping costs individualy.

3. Can I shop tax-free in your e-shop?


All transaction between our shop and all non-EU clients are VAT free as long as the goods are delivered in a country out of EU. The goods MUST leave EU to be deliberated of VAT. 


Client from Canada - delivery to Canada = VAT free transaction

Client from Canada - delivery to Australia = VAT free transaction

Client from France - delivery to Canada = VAT to be paid (the clients is coming from an EU state)

Client from Canada - delivery to Germany = VAT to be paid (the goods is not leaving EU zone)

All non-EU clients should view our prices ex. VAT - if it isn't so, please get in touch with us.


All transactions B2B within EU are VAT free. As long as you leave us your company name and VAT Number, you're allowed to shop VAT free. Keep in mind your obligation to declare all your business purchases as such. Get in touch with us in case of any further questions.


4. Are you organizing privat tasting events (for birthdays & other occasions)?


Yes, we do organize privat events. Minimum participation - 10 persons. Date to fix - several weeks in advance. Price depending on opened bottles (generaly around 30€ per person).

From practical reasons we prefere to keep all our tastings in our shop. Exceptions possible - do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


5. Can I offre a voucher?


Yes, no problem. Please take a contact with us or come directly to our shop if possible. We sell vouchers regulary in our boutique.