Hendrick's Orbium

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1. Unlike other gins, HENDRICK'S gin is distilled in Scotland, a region more famous for other spirits. As a result, we can use the centuries-old experience of distillation and the very pure and fresh water available in the local Penwhapple reservoir.

2. HENDRICK'S attaches great importance to the sublime and exceptional quality of our ingredients. We achieve this level of quality thanks to our rich and tasty range of eleven plants from all over the world.

3. Hendrick's is the only gin to use a mixture of distillates from the Carter Head and Bennet distillation stills. When cooking the stills, our Bennet still (a kind of copper still) produces a distillate with very deep flavours. On the other hand, thanks to the Carter Head distillation still, the plants are bathed in steam, which gives the distillate its infinite sweetness, tinged with a subtle blend of flavours. The combination of distillates from the two stills gives the gin a divine sweetness that respects both the desired character and the balance of subtle flavours.

4. HENDRICK'S gin is manufactured by hand in small quantities (450 litres per production) - the smaller the quantity, the more the quality aprication process is controlled.

5. Only HENDRICK'S gin is flavoured with Belgian cucumber extracts and Bulgarian red rose petals, which gives it an astonishing freshness and a pleasant floral note.

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