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Eskaepe was born from the clear vision of its Belgian founders to create a sensory experience for gin lovers around the world in search of something powerful, pleasing, bewitching, that begins at the first nose and continues long after tasting it.

Eskaepe gin is a unique sensory experience for gin lovers looking for something powerful, cheerful, enchanting, that begins at the first nose and continues long after tasting it.

The precise plant chemistry that characterizes Eskaepe gin is distilled using the traditional methods of a London dry gin, a rich heritage that we are proud to honour.

Ikigai is the first Eskaepe assembly to be released on the market.

The concept of Ikigai comes from Japan and can be summarily translated as the "raison d'être". The word "Ikigai" in Japanese usually indicates the source of value in an individual's life, or the different elements that give meaning to his life. Each individual has a different Ikigai, made up of the elements that are close to their hearts, their values and beliefs. It is a spiritual concept that reflects who we are intrinsically, at peace with the world around us. In a sense, it is about feeling at home, at the right time, in a positive and soothing environment. It's a bit like finding the ultimate meaning to one's existence.

In this Japanese tradition, Eskaepe Ikigai's first nose is marked by a note of sakura flowers, Japanese cherry trees, finely selected and picked in the few weeks during which they are the most beautiful and aromatic. In the second nose, we find yuzu lemon, citric and acidulous. In the mouth, the 17 other aromatic plants, including Sichuan pepper, cause a floral explosion on the taste buds. So powerful in fact that, although Eskaepe Ikigai can be enhanced with your favourite tonic or enjoyed as a summer cocktail, it can also be enjoyed pure, with ice cubes.

If you close your eyes to take the time to savour the moment, you are transported elsewhere, to the east, flourishing and floating in the wind. You can almost touch it, you've been bewitched.

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