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Stauning Bastard

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Danish Whisky





Rye Whisky - Mezcal Cask Finish

Malted Rye, Malted Barley, Fire, Stauning Water, Yeast

In Denmark, on the Jutland peninsula, the North Sea wind sweeps across the peat bogs and grain fields. All that was missing was a distillery to set the scene. In 2005, nine friends who are passionate about malt started up. They rebuilt and pimped an old butcher's shop by equipping it with small Portuguese stills, the ham smoker became a grain smoker and the cold room was transformed into "old-fashioned" malting air. The visit to the site by Jim Murray, author of the Whisky Bible, marks a turning point. Murray compares the Danish new-make to the Ardbeg of the 1970s. This was enough to motivate the accomplices to prospect for bankers. In 2007 Stauning, barely out of diapers, moves to a nearby farm.

In 2009, once installed, the production resumed. In 2011, the first rye brandies were released and were a great success, culminating in the Noma being listed in Copenhagen as the best restaurant in the world at the time. The release in 2012 of the distillery's first single malt will be very well received on the international scene. 

One year later, destiny is knocking at the distillery's door. Distill Venture, a subsidiary of Diageo, is positioning itself to enter Stauning's capital. A real miracle for the nine partners who see their dream come true with the possibility of passing the 900,000 litres of pure alcohol distilled per year mark.

The result is now available in France with a range of 6 expressions, 3 whiskies (one of which is entirely smoked with heather), 1 Rye (30% barley, 70% rye), a vatted malt (a blend of classic and peaty single malt with rye) and a rye based New Make. 

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