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Lowland Single Grain Scotch Whisky





Distillery: Deliciously different. Founded in 1963, under the direction of Charles Gordon, the great-grandson of William Grant, Girvan Patent Still was the most advanced distillery in the world at that time. The very first still continues to produce excellent Whiskey. Today, Whiskey Girvan Patent Still Single Grain offers a unique taste that faithfully reflects our avant-garde distillation heritage. It is a rare spirit: rich flavors of vanilla, caramel and honey, with hints of caramelized fruit. Bottled without added caramel, and not cold-filtered, its natural golden color raYearsnne. Pure and rich in natural flavors, our Single Grain is a new style of Scotch Whiskey. Different from blends. Different from malts. Girvan can be eaten pure, on ice, accompanied by a food pairing or cocktail.

Proof Strength: Rich and complex / Vanilla / Caramel Apple / Cinnamon / Citrus-Orange Chocolate.


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